Project Overview

Alla’ona Web & mobile App is an auction-style sale car market. It acts as an intermediate between sellers and buyers in the Cars Market. It creates a safe and suitable environment for Buyers and sellers, so User can buy or sell a car through a trusted Online market even if he had major accident and car can’t be fixed and function anymore they can sell through our portal.

Alla’ona’s user, who’s selling his car through our application, will get discounts to checkup his car in a list of verified car hubs; he can offer his card in Alla’ona auctions, That user can just add an advertisement for his car without Alla’ona’s verification.

Alla’ona offers an accidents Car selling, it help you reach traders who are interested in accident car (Spare parts market) so you can sell your car after the accident through experts without being manipulated in the real market.

Project purpose

Building a powerful system to manage Car Market and its Transactions. Provide a safe channel to propose cars in one place (Market) and provide that with real experts’ defined prices, so user will avoid frauds.

The Panel aims to serve the client instantly by electronic and quick process. Seller will be able to add his cars in and buyers can participate in auction to buy specific car.

Project Scope

We worked on developing auction features through the following outputs:

  • Admin Back end panel for managing auctions.
  • Sub Admins Panel (for example Pricing and reviewing reports).
  • Hub Panel (Panel Admin).
  • Website (for seller, Traders, visitor & registered user).
  • Mobile App  (for seller, Traders, visitor & registered user).

Development Process


This phase is crucial phase where we analyze, gather and qualify the project information rendered by our clients and envision the requirement into practical plan.


Design and Architecture phase is significant when we conceptualize design solutions and map them to practical perfection.


In development & maintenance phase we put major concentration to, to make sure the website and the mobile app work infinitely.


The application is uploaded on test server for testing.

Test cases, Usability & features, Performance and Connectivity.

Project Technologies

  • ... AngularJS
  • ... NodJS
  • ... React Native
  • ... Swift
  • ... Java
  • ... MySql
  • ... DynamoDB
  • ... PHP
  • ... MongoDB