Project Overview

There was no reliable online marketplace for medicines and health care related products.

Patients tend to visit pharmacies or reach them by WhatsApp or Facebook to deliver their needed products.

Shoppers Technologies solved the problem by creating Belshifa marketplace for serving medicines and healthcare products online.

Belshifa is a free medicine delivery application that facilitates communication between users and pharmacies, Belshifa app also is gathering many Pharmacies inside the app to serve online customers orders instantly.

Belshifa service allows you to have anything you want from nearby Pharmacies, delivered to you in minutes. It’s fast, easy to use, and convenient delivery service like no other.

Belshifa App is expected to increase pharmacies revenue by a percentage from 15 to 30% within 3 years according to data analysis that show increasing in monthly online retailing by 23% to 29% in 2017.

The Story

User can make online order request through Belshifa mobile application, simply by capturing an image for his prescription. Or by searching and selecting products from Belshifa App library.

this request appears as a pending request to the nearest available pharmacy and check whether they have the items in stock.

Then, the user will get notified of the availability status and price of his supplies. If the user confirms, the goods will be delivered to the selected address.

Different pharmacies can picks the order confirm all available items and send invoice to the user.

This process helps all patients to get their right medication faster instead of seeking all nearby pharmacies.

Belshifa medicine delivery app

Pharmacy view new orders details created by Belshifa application users to picks order and send invoice to user with all requested medicines and their prices.

After user confirming invoice, The pharmacy will have the option to ship order to user, Once order is shipped to user, The pharmacy will have the option to complete order.

Pharmacy view system and order notifications & track orders balance.

Belshifa medicine delivery app

Development Objectives

-To let user place orders easily.

-Providing order management tools to pharmacy.

-insuring delivering by location based system.

-Accurate and continuous data analysis.

-Top Featured Pharmacy Dashboard.

App Development Process

Belshifa medicine delivery app

Featured Technologies

  • ... AngularJS
  • ... NodJS
  • ... React Native
  • ... Swift
  • ... Java
  • ... MySql
  • ... DynamoDB
  • ... PHP
  • ... MongoDB