Egypt Hotlines Directory

Project Overview

Egypt Hotlines Directory is an Android and IOS mobile application that group all important hotline numbers across Egypt for business sectors like governmental affairs, hospitals, schools, automotive, banking, and all other types.


Using Egypt Hotlines Directory mobile app, the user can search for hotline number of any business inside Egypt, also bookmark numbers to be stored in your favorite list.

  • The user can pick up a certain category.
  • The user can make a direct call or bookmark numbers to be stored in a favorite list.
  • The user can change the app langue (Arabic/English).
  • The user can access the favorite list from quick menu and check the saved numbers in the favorites list.



This phase is a crucial phase where we analyze, gather and qualify the project information rendered by our clients and envision the requirement into a practical plan.


Design and Architecture phase is significant when we conceptualize design solutions and map them to practical perfection.


In development & maintenance phase we put major concentration to, to make sure the website and the mobile app work infinitely.


The application is uploaded on test server for testing.

Test cases, Usability & features, Performance and Connectivity.

Project Technologies

  • ... AngularJS
  • ... NodJS
  • ... React Native
  • ... Swift
  • ... Java
  • ... MySql
  • ... DynamoDB
  • ... PHP
  • ... MongoDB