wahls protocol mobile app

Project Overview

Wahls protocol mobile App is a diet version of the Paleolithic (Paleo) diet. That’s based on the idea that humans should eat more like our ancient ancestors and avoid the foods. The application will help you to search for your diet Paleo level and browse between different products and categories to assign them to your daily diary. The app will help you to rate your daily diet experience, add notes and add pictures for your daily diet experience.


Wahls mobile app helps the user to manage their diets regimes daily, and it also provides the user with average statistics for the user diet experience based on his evaluation and rating for his daily diary.

The project includes managing users daily diets features through the following outputs:

  • Admin Backend panel for managing products and their categories.
  • Mobile App (for users to add their dairy products, search for there diet level and view statistics for my average diary results).

Development Process


This phase is a crucial phase where we analyze, gather and qualify the project information rendered by our clients and envision the requirement into a practical plan.


Design and Architecture phase is significant when we conceptualize design solutions and map them to practical perfection.


In development & maintenance phase we put major concentration to, to make sure the website and the mobile app work infinitely.


The application is uploaded on test server for testing.

Test cases, Usability & features, Performance and Connectivity.

Project Technologies

  • ... AngularJS
  • ... NodJS
  • ... React Native
  • ... Swift
  • ... Java
  • ... MySql
  • ... DynamoDB
  • ... PHP
  • ... MongoDB