API & Web Services Integrations

API & Web Services Integrations API & Web Services Integrations

Creating a managed  API (Application Programming Interface) for your web or cloud application will open up opportunities for your business.

API allows your web application to integrate with other internal, back office applications or with third party applications and websites.

Your business also may be to incorporate the products or services of third party systems into your own website, application or other web enabled system.

Web APIs and web services serve the communication between consumers and providers.

Web APIs are great for information transfer on mobile devices and tablets; as opposed to on desktops and services, where they have restricted processing environments. Conversely, web services facilitate interactions between two systems and almost always depend on an XML-RPC-like interface to communicate with each other. Whatever you want to accomplish with a web API can be accomplished with a web service; web services are merely predecessors in the evolution of web integration methodologies.